Thursday, 2 April 2009

Extra Credit (I)

Hurried footsteps trotting along a corridor; three sets of footsteps, in fact. A thump. "Watch it, punk!" Huffed breath. "Sorry, mister!"

Running, running, turning a corner. "There!" A girl's voice, this time.

Three sets of running feet draw to a messy halt, punctuated by gasps for breath. "Here, guys," again the girl, still somewhat out of breath. "DS 20. It's this boarding gate."

"Bordel, where's my ticket?" A boy, this time, and the sound of hands patting pockets. The girl, next: "For God's sake, we're late already!"

"Now boarding shuttle DS 20." The soft, efficient but bored tones of a flight attendant.

"Found it!"

Three sets of tickets validated and three students let through the gate. "You're lucky to still catch the shuttle, young gents and lady. Your pilot got delayed and is only now getting connected to the shuttle. Enjoy your flight!"

"Connected?" The quiet boy, now, in a soft but low tone.

"Putain! We're going in a capsuleer shuttle? D'you think it's her flying us there?"

"Don't be silly," the girl again, in a practical tone. "I'm sure Ms Jamieson-Read has better things to do than ferry around you lot."

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