Sunday, 6 September 2009

ISRC Season 7 - Final Results

Final results for Season VII of the ISRC are in. Here are the winners of each category.

Professional: Takashi Kurosawa [VRT]
Amateur: --
Rookie: Bloodpetal [SLB]
Team: Venture Racing Team

T1 Frigates
Professional: Demon Flir [SDS]
Amateur: Julius Rigel / Messita
Rookie: Ayre Rowan [SDS]
Team: Scuderia Dragonstar

Assault Frigates
Professional: Quintrala [SDS]
Amateur: --
Rookie: Koronakesh [VRT]
Team: Scuderia Dragonstar

I myself ended up securing my vice-championship in Interceptors, where SDS also got second place in the Team rankings.

SDS – Scuderia Dragonstar
SLB – Solar Babies
VRT – Venture Racing Team


  1. Very pleased to see my fellow Hellcat Ayre Rowan's name in the winners' list!

  2. We're very proud of her :) I have a feeling she's going to give us all a run for our money next season in whichever class she chooses to compete. I'm not sure I like my chances... <.<