Friday, 19 March 2010

No Singularity for You!

I remember having this prolonged discussion with Demon Flir – at the time one of my team mates in Scuderia Dragonstar – about the merits of trying out things in SiSi. He often went there; I had never once been to the test server at all.

In a nutshell, my argument was that I was a roleplayer anyway, and if I was going to experience new things in the game, I might as well get to experience them through the eyes of my character, and from that get a reaction I might use in-character. For someone who knows close to nothing about computers and often can’t tell a bug apart from a feature (ha!) it seemed like a waste of time to devote any of my gaming time to a server which is essentially out-of-character all the time, and where what you see might not make it to the game proper in the end.

All this time I’ve been playing Eve, nothing had managed to drag me over to SiSi – not wormholes, not modular ships, not exploration… But along comes planetary interaction and suddenly I’m all curious to see how it works (by the way, thanks Eve Uni for the early video!) and if there’s a way I’m going to use this new nifty feature with or for my corp. So I poked my friend Adri for info and followed her instructions to the letter.

Things started going a bit iffy with the SiSi patch download. It took a couple of tries to get it going, though I blame my router which has been acting a little choosy of late. Once I finally had it, it was the patching process which gave me an error. A second try had the patch thingie telling me I already did have the most current build. Despite that, I tried launching it. Obviously it reported some corrupt or damaged files of some sort or another. Well, then… *shrugs*

I shall take that as a message from the gods that I should just not bother, and I'll keep staying away from SiSi ;) Besides, they say patience is a virtue. I’ll exercise mine in waiting for Tyrannis to arrive in May.


  1. Don't wait for Tyrannis, just for the current sprint to end in 2 weeks or so. It could just be that the downloaded files were corrupt.

    I know a lot of people that are waiting for the next iteration on the planets stuff before trying it out because what you see in that video from Eve-Uni is pretty much all you can do right now - even down to the extractions and reactions - its very limited.

  2. I may do that. I haven't yet deleted the folder with the SiSi copy, after all. We'll see.

  3. so you finally gave it a try! :D

    when you get it working gimme a shout. ^^