Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Computer Issues

My computer probably could have been the product of Matari ingenuity; it has been assembled out of bits and pieces from many different other computers throughout the years. The keyword here is actually "years," plural and all.

I recently solved some of its issues by replacing my main hard drive which used to be packed to the brim with stuff, being that it was tiny by today's standards. In doing so, however, I also changed operating systems (two birds with one stone, and all that) and now the result is I have a host of other problems centering around insufficient RAM for some things.

I basically had a choice of going to Fanfest or seriously upgrading the rest of my computer. I chose Fanfest <.<

So now I'm going to be stuck for a while with a computer which makes my Eve sessions freeze up randomly from time to time, especially if I'm traveling or shooting things. Kay is not amused that she can not go around speeding :(

But at least I get to go to Fanfest \o/


  1. Kendar lives! ;) I plan to have fun. We'll see \o/