Sunday, 10 April 2011


Often, of late, Kayleigh felt she'd lost her spark.

It was the sort of thing she was becoming more aware of in the company of younger pilots, such as Laria, who still had such enthusiasm for just about anything out there in space.

Kayleigh was finding it increasingly difficult to muster a whole lot of verve for the act of undocking. There was no challenge keeping her mind occupied, no excitement keeping her blood pumping, no overarching achievement to aim for.

So when Hikari mentioned learning how to ride a bike and race planetside, the jin-mei instantly took to the idea. Learning a new thing - driving on two weels? Sounded like a challenge! - getting back that rush which came from raw speed, from trying to outrun an opponent... it sounded like just the thing to get her blood racing once again.


  1. I hear ice mining is all the rage lately!

  2. Sometimes a little planet side R&R is just what the soul needs. As much as I love the vast universe that space brings me, even a cold person like me needs a feeling of warmth and soul. Plus on a nice clear night you can still lay down on the ground and take in the beauty of the stars. And lets face it, that is what made us want to be in space in the first place.


  3. That's a beautiful image, Jadark...