Sunday, 1 February 2009

Alliance Tournament - Days 3 & 4

Meh, overall a rather disappointing weekend in the Tourney for me. All the Militias lost rather spectacularly, poor guys. I still haven't seen the final rankings to see who does make it through officially, but from browsing the forums shortly after the Sunday fights were over it doesn't seem likely even the Gallente might have pulled through. Damn and blast.

On the upside, EM did quite alright and have managed to assure a place in the elimination rounds. Well done, guys!

Ooh, and speaking of which, I noticed CCP has finally put really HD videos of Day 3 on YouTube, and I can finally read pilots' names when reviewing the fights! \o/ Nice indeed. I saw Teo Kiesh in the EM team out there. Go racers!! ;)

So.. assuming the militias are all eliminated, I'll be rooting for EM only from now on. *\o/*

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