Tuesday, 17 February 2009

No Luck

Sometimes the universe just hates you. As she docked back in Dantan, Kayleigh couldn't help the feeling that it was her turn to be hated by the universe in general.

First, only a few days ago, she'd lost her Ishtar. Then on Sunday night the party at Daredevil's had been less than she had expected. Nakatre had not made it there after all and neither had anyone else from the Scuderia - except for Quin, of course, who was there more as part of the organisation PR. It had been nice meeting some new faces and seeing Takashi again after so long, but truth be told the event had felt more like a pre-season briefing than a party proper.

She'd left Sinq after that, hoping to spend some quality time with Nakatre out in Kador, exploring or just doing anything at all, really. But probing today had yielded absolutely nothing. They'd visited just short of twenty star systems; all they got was nothing, more nothing and a few Unknowns in which they were not interested anyway. By the time they did find an uncharted asteroid belt it was so far from base and so poor in quality that they'd left it there for others to find.

She'd pretty much run out of Multispectral probes and had nothing to show for it. What a waste. Except...

... Except she found she wasn't as annoyed and frustrated as she used to get around Ney. She missed flying with Nakatre and she'd barely noticed time go by in her company. They couldn't find what they wanted? So be it. They'd simply park themselves near some rocks and talk while the lasers worked. And later.. maybe later they could try that quaint little restaurant she'd walked past just the other day on station.

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