Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Note - Going to Hakeri

Nakatre, darling,

I am broke like I haven’t been since I graduated from the academy, and I still owe people money. But Alenia is too empty without you and besides, the Roden agents here can’t pay me enough to get out of this little financial slump.

I am taking off on the Second Breath toward Hakeri, where I’ll meet up with my friend Kalahari. Hopefully if we share the workload neither of us will get discouraged by the tedious tasks agents seem to come up with all the time.

If you do get home in the meantime, just call me. Day or night, I don’t care. Kalahari says Hakeri is twenty-three jumps from everywhere, but I’ll race those twenty-three stargates just to get to you and I’d be there in no time.

I miss you.


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