Friday, 24 June 2011

I need to be where?

Amusing factoid: even though I have CQ active and am visually up and walking around in my quarters, when I try to clone-jump across the galaxy it still says I need to be in my pod. (As opposed to having some other ship spinning around in my tabletop holo thingamajig.)

I realise I'm nitpicking because I'm still bitter about recent events, but for a feature which is supposed to make the experience more immersive this seems sort of fail.


  1. maybe you could buy a special JC monocle that would make it easier for... i dunno, a Nyx trade in.

  2. Don't be silly, Meatay. Noble Exchange can't accept trade-ins!

  3. bah just wrote some stuff but it dissapeared

    but i just created my first blog ever this evening.. and after writing my first thingy.. i click "next blog" and a blog with another eve player is the first to appear.. i mean.. what are the chances !!

    oh well hi from the spacemonkey Liquiddreams