Saturday, 24 January 2009

Alliance Tournament - Day 1

The tournament has kicked off with the first half of the preliminary rounds.

As I thought, I'm having a hard time visualising just what is going on in the arena from audio commentaries alone. It could be (well, almost certainly is) because of the quality of the commentaries. I am convinced of this because I was having troubles on the first half but had a much easier time on the second half, and I attribute that to Verone being a much better commentator than KIA Eddz. And I'm not even talking about the fact Eddz seems to stick his foot in his mouth about five times a match >.<

Comments like "we really must thank the organisers of this tournament... because it makes for great viewing... although you can't view it" are really not very helpful, let me tell you, Eddz.

Anyway, I managed to stay online all afternoon long listening to commentaries. I'm not going to be able to do that tomorrow, but it seems not all is lost. Word is CCP is filming and will make the matches available on YouTube in the next few days.

This is great news to me because I like to try to pick out names I know from the teams on the arena and see how they do. And I really really want to see who flew for the victorious Electus Matari team \o/ I wanna be able to buy them a drink in one of the many bars in Eve! Good start for EM!

Tomorrow there will be more, though likely I'll miss a bunch of matches. Lunch with parents will do that :/ I'm already going to get weird looks by insisting on tuning to Eve Radio from dad's laptop at 15h precisely to see how the Amarr Militia does. I have an alt there (the Militia, not the Tournament team, of course) and some friends might be in the arena, so I'll want to be rooting for them too.

For tomorrow: Go Amarr! Go Gallente!!

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