Wednesday, 21 January 2009


The winter holidays didn't much feel like holidays to me. In fact they passed me by entirely.

First there was the whole CEO thing. With Scavanger still tied up planetside and unable to keep a sharp eye on corp leadership, we all arrived at the decision that a new face was needed driving Dragonstar forward. With Scavanger's blessing and a majority vote, I was the one who took up the position.

This meant looking over the entire wallet, tracing the whereabouts of assets, shuffling corp offices around a little (is it just me or have office prices gone completely insane in some corners of the Federation? What's going on, there?) and it also meant getting some projects running and the employees working together for a goal once more.

Second came a lot of diplomatic talks with two other corporations looking to solidify some deals and some verbal agreements. This is still ongoing, but while now it's well on track, at the time there were a lot of emergency meetings and many small fires within Dragonstar that I, as brand new CEO, had to go around dousing.

Last but not least, one of the projects we got going was the manufacture of three Orcas - some for internal consumption, some for external sale. We did it ourselves, and proudly so. From mining every single mineral we needed (thanks in no small part to our team of explorers which kept finding us some really precious hidden spots at just the right times), to building every single part. We did it. Despite the lack of manpower, the true spirit of Dragonstar came up just like that and we did it. I felt so proud!

And yet I've never in my life spent so much time in a mining barge... They keep making fun of me. My ego is bruised.

So that's why this lovely winter-holidays-type picture of me caught me in an Iteron III hauling around ore that Feu was mining at a site nearby.

The ever cheerful Quin came over with an Interceptor armed with some three snowball launchers or so and brightened up my dull hauling job with a barrage of snowy glee. Oh, and she made fun of me for being in a slow ship, and flew circles around me at high speed. Speed fairy indeed.

It was the only snow I saw all winter long. With all the work and all the little fires to put out, I ended up not going planetside with my wife for some fun in the snow. Maybe next year.