Saturday, 24 January 2009

Alliance Tournament - no Eve TV?

Blah, I just found out the 6th Alliance Tournament is only going to get TV coverage of the finals. I'm not just disappointed, I'm downright annoyed and yes, a bit angry. I mean damnit, I finally knew people who might be fighting, and I certainly had reasons for rooting for some teams, but now I get no coverage? This sucks! >.<

Yes, I know, we get commentaries. Football games (soccer to you americans) are interesting and exciting on TV. They're boring and annoying to listen to on the radio. I imagine the same will happen with the Tournament.

Not that I will know because the thing about limiting coverage to radio/voice commentary is that I'll need to actually be online at the very times the fights are happening to get the commentary. Unless someone podcasts this so I can listen in later, I'll have an option of remaining glued to the Net all weekend long or miss precisely the fights my friends are likely to take part in in order to, you know, not alienate my family and loved ones on the weekend.

Do we know if this is even getting recorded in some way that we might download later on?


Anyway, for what it's worth: Go EM! Go Gallente Militia!

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