Thursday, 29 January 2009

Fight Night - Result

I have just one word to describe how Fight Night went for me: embarrassing.

Out of six fights, or so, I managed to prevail in just a single one, and even so it was a very close contest.

More to be had next week, I suppose, if I can find it in me to go through the humiliation again. At least morale seemed to be up. Everyone likes to shoot a CEO from time to time.


  1. Of course everyone likes to shoot the boss :p

    given you are my team captain ... can i shoot you aswell?:D

  2. Haha, interesting idea for corporate therapy! Though shooting things with your CEO is fun as well...I hope :O

  3. We want details. Who was shot by whom, where, and with what!

    (I say, Kanunu, Kay, asteroid belt, mining laser :p )

  4. @Demon: No, you cannot. Say didn't I fire you for finishing a race ahead of me, or something? ;P

    @Myrhial: Oh I had some fun, sure. But it was still very embarrassing, because I was actually trying to succeed and, well....

    @Quin: Very cute! Kanunu shot me, as it turns out, he in Tristan, me in Incursus. No asteroids involved in the proceedings. (I also got shot by Gerrard and Tim.)