Sunday, 25 January 2009

Alliance Tournament - Day 2

As predicted I missed quite a few matches, sadly, being away from home. But I did manage to steal my dad's laptop and tune in to Eve Radio for some commentaries.

Stuff I remember:

-- Frustration over Amarr Militia losing by one single tiny point. Five more seconds and they would have popped that ship! Damn you, CCP Claw! :(

-- Woohoo to Gallente Militia for a very convincing win!

-- Oh dear.. Matari Militia seemed to have a very poor match, the only one of the militias to not really put up much of a fight, from what I could glean from the commentaries.

Will now spend a week speaking to friends I know in some of the alliances trying to figure out just which pilots flew exactly for the teams I'm following. I can't make out the names even on the HD videos already on YouTube and the commentators usually don't care enough to enlighten us on that respect.

(Would be funny if a football commentator ever forgot to let us know at the start of a game who exactly was on the field :P)

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