Friday, 20 March 2009

Career Guide

I haven't been able to stop blushing ever since I realised that it was true and people weren't just pulling my leg. Somehow I got mentioned in an official CCP Career Guide. As a Speed Specialist, no less, right along with my racing arch-nemesis Takashi Kurosawa.

I feel proud and self-conscious all in one. Looking for a hole in which to hide, really as I'm used to going through the game in a sort of anonimity, to be quite honest.

And yet... It's such a heart-warming feeling to know someone out there has noticed some of what I do :) I'm all giddy!


Does that mean I'm expected to go fast, now, everywhere I go? >.>


  1. I am happy the League is being noticed and that you guys are given well-deserved credit ;)

  2. No offense to KillJoy, but I really don't understand why he got a mention and you didn't :(