Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bridge in Ney

Last night Ney local was abuzz with chatter. Busy bees that the local Caille students are, within 5 seconds (I imagine) someone had found this in system.

It's a rather scary moment, after the horrifying images of Seyllin still burned into my mind, to find one of those in the system where you and your corp have made home. I don't think I've ever been so glad to be a capsuleer, to know I'd have the means to not only transport myself to safety but also bring along all of the Dragonstar employees and a fair number of refugees along with them.

But anyway, apocalyptic fears aside and because things seemed to be relatively safe I took the opportunity to take the Melted out there with some probes and try to pin this wormhole down. Which I did after a while; and it was still faster than many, many probing sessions in the past. I do believe I'm beginning to like these new probes.

As for the wormhole itself it was already very unstable when I got there. I found fellow racer Cai Lun there at the mouth of the thing and he reassured me it was quite safe, while I was still hanging around, taking pictures and hesitating. I took a deep breath and jumped through, only to find myself in Yezara, out in Khanid Kingdom high-sec. The first thing that crossed my mind was that with such random portals, the slavers must be rubbing their hands. No customs at wormholes, no police. Just grab a few unsuspecting souls and voilà, hop right into the wolf's den.

I jumped back while the thing was still there, swapped ships, went and sat at an ice field doing some thinking.

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