Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Needle in Haystack

Ship's Log Entry #3
(Tuesday 17.03.111)

Probes, solar system views, dozens- no, hundreds of signatures to sift through. I have a headache from looking so hard at the elusive red circles and red dots until they turn yellow or green. Some turned out to be wormholes into uncharted space, but (unsurprisingly) none into Kanunu's last known location.

Jikomanzoku did manage to find an exit out of J160014, the same into Maturat that I'd left through less than 24 hours before. That, at least, is one less worry for me.

I'm not sure what else to do. It worries me that we haven't heard a peep from Kanunu all day. Is he still alive? Is he just too far out for his signal to reach us? If he gets killed so far out there will he still be able to download into his medical clone?

I've given all my friends Kanunu's last known location in the hopes that if someone happens to find a way in by sheer luck they'll be able to help him out. At least one pilot I've never actually met before has offered to help. Thank you to all keeping an eye out for J210247.

[end log entry]


  1. KayJay,

    I'm sending you an expert in Astrometrics. She's family, you can trust her. Hook up with my sister, Tor XianKun, at some point

  2. And they say capsuleers are self-centred. I can't thank you enough for your offer of help toward us, complete strangers to you.

    It turns out that it won't be needed. As of around 3am Kanunu has finally found his way out of the hellhole he'd been stuck in for two days. He found a way into another uncharted system and from there into some system in Khanid region. He's back with us.

    Thank you for the support, Ms XianKun. I won't forget it.

  3. I think I should be clear: there is a massive difference in how an encounter with me in Etherium Reach would go for your colleague, and how it would go in W-space.

    In K-space, you are an intruder in the homelands of my alliance, and the penalty for trespass is simple - death by fighter craft if you're in a big enough ship, death by Hornet drone if you aren't. This is our space and it is invitation only, and I will enforce that law.

    The same is true in W-space if I'm not leading a team: I will pod you and your colleagues as ordered, without remorse. There is no room in the chain of command for mercy or compassion.

    But if I am fleet commander, or merely there solo, then if you do not threaten me I see no reason to threaten you. I'm fascinated by the stellar phenomena and have no interest in warfare when there are both more fascinating things to find, and more dangerous creatures to encounter

  4. Oh I understand clearly. I wasn't taking your kindness as an invitation to come visit *slight smile* And I certainly understand that outside of the four big nations things get hmm territorial.

    I'm afraid you can't quite stop me from being grateful anyway that someone from so far away would offer to help in what measure she could.