Thursday, 19 March 2009

Kanunu Phone Home

Ship's Log Entry #4
(Wednesday 18.03.111)

We heard from Kanunu again, still alive out in the same uncharted solar system, and still mired in signals, trying to puzzle through them.

Throughout most of the afternoon and evening Nox Draconum egged him on, tried our best to help him with remote advice. Then finally he reported he was chasing a signal likely to be a wormhole. I could swear I heard a collective sigh over comms, and there was certainly no mistaking the cheers when he found it and jumped through... to another uncharted system.

Hope was well up, however, now that he had found a way out. And indeed within less than an hour he'd found an exit through to Zahefeus, in the very-charted Khanid region. Kanunu is back with us and I will be able to sleep easy tonight.

[end log entry]
[end expedition log]

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