Friday, 20 March 2009

A Tempting Offer

Kayleigh sat at her desk in the Dragonstar offices, arms crossed and legs outstretched, crossed at the ankles. The map of known space was showing in the little holo display, and though her slanted grey eyes were turned to it, they weren't quite seeing as alliance comms chirped discretely in the background.

She had just had a most unexpected conversation with a complete stranger. The man had called himself "The Agent" and had claimed to be sent by someone interested in her exploits out there in wormhole space. The fact that the man flew for Etherial Dawn had narrowed the field down to just one person she was aware of. So Ms. XianKun wanted to keep tabs on her, did she?

The jin-mei bit softly on the inside of her lip. What to do? What to say?

There were alliance ops out of the wormhole Endless Night had claimed to live in, and where just earlier in the day she'd been harvesting gas. She also wanted to join Nakatre and her people out there at some point - mostly for some quality time with her wife, but she also liked knowing the people who got to work with Nakatre day in and day out. And now this third option to consider: going off exploring with a complete stranger.

A complete stranger claiming nice combat skills, part of a somewhat well-known null-sec alliance... And the deal looked far too sweet. As in Kayleigh had the feeling she was getting all the benefit. Would it be a trap? Would it be for real? She owed a debt of gratitude to this woman, living so far away. To take the risk or not to?

The jin-mei smirked. Racers didn't usually even give it any thought at all. They'd just jump into it. Well, why go to such length just to trick her? It's not like she made much of an elusive target on her day-to-day activities, right? With a nod she made up her mind. She'd bite, and see where it would take her.

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